Mini Cake

Mini Cake


The unique round cake box contains 5 delicious pralines and 1 round praline with truffle filling. The box is bound with a blue ribbon. The set is ideal for wedding or as a birthday present.
The set contains the pralines with a filling selected from the following:

  • Ganache from bitter chocolate with crunchy beads
  • Ganache with cherries and chocolate mousse
  • Strawberry
  • Lemon 


Net weight: 85 g

Package dimensions: 11.6x11.6x4 cm

  • Ingredients

    sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, cocoa mass, creammilk fat, invert sugar, glucose syrup, glucose syrup - contain gluten, dextrose, natural flavouring - contain milkwheat flour, skimmed milk powder, fructose, water, anhydrous milk fat, strawberries, homogenized apple paste, cherries, lactoseegg white, natural flavouring - contain alcohol, natural flavours, cinnamon, raspberries, wheat malt, salt, modified corn starch, glucose-fructose syrup, corn starch, vegetable oil: palm, coconut, palm kernel, rapeseed, sunflower; stabiliser: E422, E441; alcohol: Kirschlikör, ethyl; natural flavouring: vanilla, lemon, citrus - contain gluten, strawberry; emulsifier: soy lecithin; concentrated juice: apples; acidity regulator: E330, E331, E335; raising agent: E500ii, E500, E503; thickener: E414; colours: E100; extract: Bourbon vanilla; Contains vegetable fats in addition to cocoa butter. Contains alcohol.

    Made in the EU.
    Store in a dry and cool place.

  • Nutritional value per 100g

    energy (2385 KJ/570 kcal), fat (39,9 g), of which saturates (23,4 g), carbohydrate (44,1 g), of which sugars (40,8 g), protein (4,4 g), salt (0,15 g).